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Father's Day Party

Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party
Father's Day Party

for the father's day party we have mainly 5 categories: They are:

1. Party Decoration Ideas

2. Father's Day Party Invitations

3. Party Favor Ideas

4. Father's Day Party Games

5. Father's Day Party Themes

these Father's Day Party Ideas are fully explained below.

1. Father's Day Party Decoration Ideas

* Change the curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads and tablecloths to match the theme of your party.

* Choose some good photographs of you and your dad, get them framed and place them in the party hall.

* If possible, highlight the photograph area with some good lighting effects.

* You can also place some photographs of your dad with his father (your grandfather).

* Display some colorful banners such as "Happy Father's Day Dad" or "Love You Dad" at the entrance of the party hall or at a location that captures attention.

* Make sure that the wall hangings should go with the theme of the party. Else you can replace them with the hangings that have some good quotes about fathers written on them.

* You can also use flowers to decorate the party hall as they will give very fresh and lively feel to your party.

* You can make flower arrangements as centerpieces and you can even hang them on walls as wreaths.

* You can also make use of other items that he likes, such as, candles.

* Make sure, that you include your dad's favorite color in decoration pattern.

* Remember that you are throwing this party to make your dad feel relaxed & happy. So, choose the decoration pattern keeping in mind about what your dad likes and what he don't.

2. Father's Day Party Invitations

* First of all, make the list of guests whom you'd like to invite on this occasion. Make sure that list includes all of your father's friends, colleagues, family members and any other person whose company he usually enjoy. You can also invite a few of your preferred friends to the party.

* Once you have made the list, it's time to call the guests and inform them about the party. In case there are not many guests, you can invite them by sending a conventional letter. But, in case, the list is long, it would be better to get printouts of the letter and mail them.

* To add a formal and neat touch to the invitations, you can send invitation cards to all the guests. You can check out the wide range of styles and patterns available in the market. Or else, you can even download from the internet.

* If you are creative, try making homemade invitation cards and personalize them with photographs. Decorate them with confetti, sequins and ribbons, to build up the feel of the occasion.

* If you're on certain budget or don't have much time, the best way to invite someone to the party is by making a phone call to the concerned person. However, remember to inform him/ her at least 2-3 days in advance. You can also give a reminder call the evening before the party.

* Another way to send invitations is through internet. You can spread your Father's Day party news by sending e-mails to the people whom you want to invite.

* Or else, you can text/ sms the guests, informing them about the venue and time. It's a better idea than e-mail because many people don't check their mails frequently

* In case you want to make your invitation different from the usual, make an audio or a video CD for inviting guests to the party. Don't forget to do it the formal way when inviting your dad's colleagues, boss or old teachers. If the invitees are mostly your father's friends and other family members, you can add some light-hearted humor to the invitation CD's.

* Make sure to add the date, time and venue of the party in detail, in the invitation. If you have planned a particular theme for your party, remember to mention it in the invitation. It will help the guests to attire accordingly, matching the party theme.

3. Father's Day Party Favor Ideas

* You can gift artificial flowers or a bunch of artificial flowers to your guests as a party favor.

* Mini toys such as small soft toys or plastic toys can be presented to kids invited to the party.

* Gifting key chains to your guest is also very good idea as this gift will help them remember this party for long time.

* Pen sets can also be presented to the male guests of the party. You can even gift them to school going children.

* Scented candles are the most admired party favor, as it is fit for every age and every sex.

* You can even choose an assortment of candies as your party favor. You can gift wrap them in colored gift paper.

* Bag of cookies is the easiest choice for party favor as it is liked by almost every one.

* Box of chocolates is also a good choice for party favor. There are various decorated boxes available in market from which you can choose.

* For female guests, you can select costume jewelry as a party favor, as almost all women love it.

* Table clock is the gift which can be useful for every one, from 60 years old man to 7 years school going child.

* You can even choose flower vase as your party favor. This decorative gift is sure to get admiration from your guests.

* Writing pad is very useful item which you can use as a party favor for your Father's Day Party.

* Cigars can also be gifted to the males who love smoking. Make sure this gift is not for every guest.

* Stuffed toys are the best gift which can spread sweet smiles on the cute faces of your little guests.

4. Father's Day Party Games

Blindfold Race
This game requires good communication and team-work skills. Before the game, set up an area for the race with numerous obstacles to go under, over and around (like chairs, small tables, planks etc). Hide a small prize for each team in the area. Then, each child can pair up with their father and place a blindfold on them. Each child must find the prize, and give their father or grandfather verbal directions on how to deal the obstacles to find the prize. The winner will be the first pair to find their prize.

Shaving Race
This Father's Day party game is though messy, but absolute fun. To play this game, children have to pair up with their father or grandfather. Each team would be given a can of whipped cream (which will be used as “shaving cream”) and a popsicle stick. Fathers will sit down, while each child has to spray their father's lower face with “shaving cream” and scrape it off with their popsicle stick. The winner will be the first child to completely “shave” his/her father's face.

Balloon Blast
To start with this game, divide the total number of people into two equal groups - Team Red and Team Blue. See to it that there should be equal number of fathers and kids in both the groups. Say, if Team Red has 5 fathers and 5 kids, then Team Blue should also have 5 fathers and 5 kids. Subsequently, place two sacks of inflated balloons about 30 yards away from the starting line. One of the sacks should contain red balloons and the other blue balloons. On the blow of a whistle, one participant from each team runs to the corresponding sack, takes out a balloon and tries to pop it by sitting on it. Once the balloon bursts, the player runs to the starting line and tags the next player in the group. Jumping on balloons or picking them is not allowed. The team which will burst all the balloons is the winner.

5. Father's Day Party Themes

Men In Black & Ladies In Red
This theme is very famous among the partygoers these days. In this, the males will dress in black and the ladies will look gorgeous in red outfits. Ask your male guests to wear formal trousers, shirts and jackets, instead of tees and sportswear. On the other side, ladies should be told to wear red cocktail dresses and other elegant attires such as sarees. Decorate this party with dim lightening. Slow, romantic music and lots of fine liquors and cocktails will create the mood of the party.

Western Party Theme
For setting Western Party theme, prepare the invitation cards that resemble a Wanted poster, with a photograph of your dad. Send them to your guests at least a week before the party. Ask the guests to dress as cowboys and saloon girls. Secretly arrange a pair of boots, faded denims, a cowboy hat and a bandanna handy for dad.

Bollywood Party Theme
This is the most famous party theme where each guest dresses up like a famous Bollywood actor and actress. Some become Don and some become Devdas by wearing outfit related to the particular character in a popular movie. One may even come as the superheroes in movies. While conducting a Bollywood party theme, make sure that the decoration should be very colorful. You can place posters of famous bollywood films and actors.

Victorian Theme Party
If you are choosing Victorian theme, then make sure that you have a large space for this theme. Try to decorate the room to make it look like a ballroom. If you don't have a large hall, then you can even organize a garden party, with a Victorian theme. Ask your guests to dress like Victorian ladies and lords. Decorate your party with lots of flowers, hearts, cherubs and elaborate laces. Play soothing classical music in the background, to go with the theme.

Hawaiian Party Theme
Along with the invitation, send a request to your guests to dress up in colorful floral printed shirts, surfer shorts and sarongs. Tell them to use ornaments made of flowers, such as, earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklets, etc (all should be made of flowers). The decorations for Hawaiian Party should also be done with flowers. Do not forget to play loud Hawaiian music in the background to highlight the theme.

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