Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Trees Tree

christmas tree

Christmas Tree

It’s the white Christmas tree and this type of tree is suitable for the dorm and nursing home. It costs about $45 but if you want it not painted without lights and wiring it costs only $25.

About this Christmas tree, its 10" tall and 6 ½" wide as well as painted in glazes containing electric light, star and colorful bulbs. It is also available in green color and the snow on it is optional.

christmas trees

Christmas Trees

It’s the 20" ceramic Christmas trees with snow. It costs $130 plus shipping charges $80-$90.

About this Christmas trees, its 20" tall and 14" painted in glazes with electric light and star. Similarly, it is also available in white with red or blue lights but one has to tell his/her choice in the process of making this Christmas trees.

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