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Valentines Day Poems For Kids

valentines day poems for kids
valentines day poems for kids
valentines day poems for kids
valentines day poems for kids
Valentines Day Poems For Kids

The Valentines Day Poems For Kids - they will love it. May your kids will dance on this Valentines Day Poems.

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Mother/Mom/Mommy

Mom, I’ve got some friends
Of each and every kind,
But a better friend than my mother
I’ll never, ever find!

I’m so happy you’re my mom!
I love you.

Best Valentine Mom

On Valentine’s day, I think of you, Mom;
I love you really a lot.
In my life that’s full of many good things,
You’re the very best thing I’ve got!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I want to say,
I’m the luckiest kid anywhere;
You’re the sweetest, greatest, best mom around
And I want you to know I care!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Father/Dad/Daddy

Dad you are my favorite man,
And I sure want you to know,
I’ll always respect and love you, Dad
No matter how big I grow!

I’m lucky to have you as my dad!
I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to My ?

I’m happy you’re my (aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)
I hope that you can see,
I’m really glad to have you as
A part of my family!

I like you a lot and I’m glad we’re related!

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Grandma

Dear Grandma, you’re so special
You do such nice things for me;
You love me just the way I am;
You make me happy as can be!

I’ve got the best grandma in the world!
I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Grandpa

You are the greatest grandpa;
We have lots of fun.
If there were a grandpa contest,
You surely would have won!

Thanks for being such a good grandpa!
I love you.

A Brother Valentine Poem

If I had to have a brother (ha, ha)
I’m glad it could be you.
I’m thankful to you, (name)
For the brotherly things you do!

Thanks for being a good brother!
I love you.

A Sister Valentine Poem

I’m glad to have a sister
Who is so nice and sweet.
As a good friend and a sister
My (name) can’t be beat!

Thanks for being such a good sister!
I love you.

I Like You

Valentine, I like you;
I’m glad that you’re my friend;
We have lots of fun together,
We are a perfect blend!

Fun to Be With

Please be my special Valentine;
There’s no one quite like you.
You’re really fun to be with,
And a very good friend, too!

Give Me A Clue

I’m thinking of you on Valentine’s Day;
You are nice, so I want to say:
Give me a clue; give me a sign;
Will you be my Valentine?

Sunshine Valentine

I’ll be very happy
If you’ll be my Valentine;
You’ll fill my heart with joy,
And my day with bright sunshine!

We Two

How about we two
As friends combine?
Please be my friendship

You Shine

As good friends go,
You really shine.
Let’s be each other’s

Second to None

When we’re together,
We have such fun;
You’re second to none!

You Are Special

Special people are very few;
Who is special? That would be you.
My Valentine’s Day would be so fine,
If you would be my Valentine.

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Although these kid Valentine poems were written as two-stanza poems, some of the four-line stanzas can be used alone.

This kid Valentine's Day verse is for a special friend.

When You're Around

Valentine, when you’re around
My heart feels warm and happy.
I want to say 'I like you,"
Without sounding way too sappy!

I Think You're Nice

I think you’re nice; I think you’re great.
You stand out from the rest.
And if you’ll be my Valentine,
I’ll think that you’re the best!

School Valentine

Valentine I see you
A lot when we’re at school,
And every time I see you
I think you’re very cool.

I’d like to know you better,
And so this poem I send,
Hoping that you’ll soon be
My special Valentine friend.

Valentine Blend

I think we make a perfect blend;
Will you be my Valentine friend?

Fine Valentine

I like you; I think you're fine;
Will you be my Valentine?

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