Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Games for Groups

Christmas Games for Groups
Christmas Games for Groups

Here are some Christmas Games for Groups enjoy it and have fun.

Christmas Charades
A twist on standard charades. Performances are limited to characters, people, or animals associated with Christmas.

Christmas Present Pass
Choose a small gift that's appropriate for any age or gender; edible gifts like candy bars work well. Wrap the gift in several layers of wrapping paper. Have guests stand or sit in a circle and pass the present while Christmas music plays. A designated person will stop the music at random, and whoever is left with the gift unwraps one layer. The winner is the person to unwrap the last layer of wrapping paper.

Christmas Candy Guess
Place Christmas candies in a jar and have guests place their guess of how many are in the jar on a holiday gift tag or scrap of paper. Winner is the closest guess.

Christmas Wrapping Race
Choose some odd shaped items to wrap. Players can face each other or work in teams. The person must wrap the present in entirety, including ribbon and gift tag. Fastest wrapper wins the game. This can be adapted with a box or something easier to wrap for younger children.

Christmas Memory
On a tray or platter, place a variety of small and large Christmas items. Guests have a designated time period to study and remember the items. The tray is taken away, and guests must write down the items they remember. Winner is the person with the most items remembered. This works well for mixed groups when families play as teams.

Christmas Gift Grab
For this game, guests bring a small wrapped gift under a designated dollar amount. A number is placed under each gift, and the same numbers are placed on pieces of paper for guests to pick out of a hat. A guest draws a number and takes the gift with the corresponding number. After a player has received a gift, they are free to 'grab' a gift from another player in exchange for their gift. The gift grabbing continues until all numbers are chosen, and guests are left with the gift in their hands.

Christmas Trivia
This can be as complicated or as simple as you wish. Make up Christmas trivia cards and players or teams shout out their guess for the correct answer. Players or team with the most points for right guesses wins.

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