Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disney Channel Fathers Day

Disney Channel Fathers Day
Disney Channel Fathers Day

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Handy Manny Father's Day - King for a Day Games & Activities

Manny's Tools love to play games. Sometimes it's bowling, sometimes it's checkers, sometimes it's a simple game of hide-and-seek, but the Tools are always up for playing games together! Here are some ideas that your preschoolers will love, too!

This game is best when played by four or more players. First, ask the little ones to decorate some clothes pins with glue and glitter, or simply color them with marker or crayons and set them aside to dry. Have each player place their hand about four to five feet above the mouth of the open milk jug (have an adult around to spot each player). Close one eye before dropping the pin into the jug. Whoever drops the most pins into the milk jug wins!

Manny and the Tools love activities where they get to "trabajar juntos" - work together! Part of the "King for a Day" celebration should include indoor and outdoor games and activities that will encourage Handy Manny's beloved characteristics of being helpful, kind, and working well with others.

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