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Christmas Trivia Quiz

Christmas Trivia Quiz
Christmas Trivia Quiz

Christmas Trivia Quiz with Questions and Answers.

Questions. What is Santa Claus famous for saying?
- "Halloween treats please!"
- "Wascally Wabbit"
- "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!"
- "Bah, Humbug"
Answers. - "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!"

Questions. What kind of animal is Rudolph?
- A reindeer
- A polar bear
- A wiener dog
- A cookie monster
Answers. - A reindeer

Questions. How does Santa get in to most houses to deliver presents?
- He comes down the chimney
- He digs a tunnel
- He hides inside a present
- He comes in through the Internet
Answers. - He comes down the chimney

Questions. What does Santa Claus usually use to deliver Christmas presents?
- A giant slingshot
- A sleigh with reindeer (or kangaroos!)
- The Abominable Snowman
- A rusty Chevrolet
Answers. - A sleigh with reindeer (or kangaroos!)

Questions. What color is Santa's hat?
- yellow with purple polka dots
- a lovely shade of pink with little pom poms
- black and white like a skunk
- red and white
Answers. - red and white

Questions. Who played Bob Cratchit in the 1992 movie "The Muppet Christmas Carol"?
- Scooter
- Kermit
- The Great Gonzo
- Beaker

I'll bet you could guess who played his lovely and talented wife!
Answers. - Kermit

Questions. In the movie "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen, what's the name of the company that made the ladder that they use to first go up on the roof?
- Binford Tools
- The Rose Suchak Ladder Company
- The Walt Disney Company
- The Mickey Mouse Company

The ladder was made by the "Rose Suchak Ladder Company" (you know, as in " ... when up on the rooftop there a rose suchak ladder ..."! The elves never tire of that one!).
Answers. - The Rose Suchak Ladder Company

Questions. What was the name of the misfit elf in the TV show "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer"?
- Elfis
- Hermie
- The Head Elf
- Max
Answers. - Hermie

Questions. From the TV show "Rudolph the red-nose reindeer", what do Bumbles do?
- make good dentists
- find gold
- make toys
- bounce

Luckily, Abominables, or Bumbles as Yukon Cornelius calls them, bounce, thus saving Yukon when he fell over a cliff.
Answers. - bounce

Questions. In the TV show "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer", what musical instrument does the narrator play?
- Christmas bells
- The drums
- A banjo
- A French horn

I'll bet you didn't know snowmen were so talented!
Answers. - A banjo

Questions. In 1939, a copywriter first wrote about Rudolph the red nose reindeer for which department store?

- Montgomery Ward
- Macey's
- Wal-Mart

Robert May first revealed Rudolph's story to the world in a book written for the Montgomery Ward department store chain. (Rudolph has always thought of him as a bit of a father figure!).
Answers. - Montgomery Ward

Questions. Although there are many theories as to where and why the practice originated, what country is generally credited with popularizing Christmas trees in the home?
- England
- Christmas Islands
- Germany
- France

Some argue that Estonians or Latvians (or even the Egyptians and Babylonians!) used evergreens earlier, but Germans certainly popularized it. In legend, Martin Luther started the custom in reverence to the heavens. German royalty spred the custom to other countries thru marriage. BTW, check out the Interactive Tree on the Email Santa webcams page too!
Answers. - Germany

Questions. Which of these is not another one of Santa's names?
- Julesvenn
- Knecht Ruprecht
- Jultomten
- Joulupukki

These are Santa's names in the Nordic countries of Sweden (Jultomten), Finland (Joulupukki) and Norway (Julesvenn). Knecht Ruprecht is one of Santa's Germanic helpers.
Answers. - Knecht Ruprecht

Questions. When were electric Christmas lights invented?
- 1885
- 1882
- 1700's
- 1936

Christmas lights symbolize Jesus as the Light of the World and/or the hope that light & warmth will overcome the cold & darkness associated with winter. The Edison Company invented the electric Christmas tree light in 1882, although their use was likely first popularized by a U.S. President in 1885. "Bubble lights" were invented in 1936 by Carl Otis.
Answers. - 1882

Questions. By what name do most people know the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" today?
- "The Night Before Christmas"
- "Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer"
- "A Christmas Carol"
- "White Christmas"

The poem formed the basis for much of what we know about present day Santa. The story is that Moore was out shopping for a turkey and was inspired by the sound of the horses drawing his sleigh and the driver. He composed the poem in his head and read it to his family the next day.
Answers. - "The Night Before Christmas"

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