Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Day Poems For Mom

valentines day poems for mom
valentines day poems for mom
Valentines Day Poems For Mom

The valentines day poems for mom who give us the birth and we are providing special poems to her.

Forever Valentine Mom

Valentine’s Day is a day of love,
So Mom, I want to say
That no one gives more love than you;
You brighten every day.

You deserve my undying love;
You earned it from the start,
So on Valentine’s Day I give to you
A forever place in my heart.

Mother Valentine's Day Poem

Mom, on Valentine's Day I am reminded
that no one in my life
gives more love than you do.
You care so deeply and give so much;
Without you,
I couldn't be the person I am.
You are the foundation of my life.
Your encouragement and support
make everything seem possible,
because I know
you'll always be there for me,
to cheer me, to comfort me,
to give me a boost when I need it.
On Valentine's Day I want you to know
that I love you, I appreciate you,
and I feel so blessed that you are my mother!

A Valentine Poem for Mom

Dear mother of mine, you’re the best; there’s no doubt,
So on Valentine's Day to the world I will shout:

"My mother is kind and she’s smart as a whip,
And she guides me in life as you’d steer a big ship.
She helps me to see the good from the bad;
I bet she’s the best Mom anyone ever had."

You’re one great mom, I’m happy to say,
And I love you a lot on this Valentine's Day!

Valentine Poem For Parents

Mom and Dad, along life's path,
Your love has shone the way.
For the guidance you have given me,
I'm thankful every day.

You've always been great parents;
I'm so glad you both are mine;
Deep in my heart, you'll always be
My favorite Valentine.

Your Family Is Like That

Sometimes a group of people
Will bring you happiness
In ways you never dreamed of,
In ways you can’t express.

Your family is like that;
That’s why we want to say
How much we appreciate you;
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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