Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas in Mexico Craft

Christmas in Mexico Craft
Christmas in Mexico Craft

The Christmas in Mexico Craft will be the Christmas Party Pinata which is also known as Las Posadas. On the Mexican Christmas party they celebrate it with the great fun and break Party Pinata at that time.

Making of Mexico Craft - Christmas Party Pinata


- A Large Round or Oval Balloon
- Newspaper, torn into large strips
- White paper torn into strips
- Flour and water mixture for glue
- Salt
- Vegetable oil
- Paint
- Tissue paper or crepe paper
- String/elastic for hanging your pinata
- Pinata lollies/ candy

Cover a table with an old sheet, newspaper or plastic to protect it. Make up your paper Mache glue with 3 parts water to one part flour. Make it in a container that can be sealed and go into the fridge, as your mixture can be kept in the fridge overnight between layers. Give it a good stir before using to get rid of any lumps of flour. Time now to blow up your balloon and find a container that it can sit in while you work on it, so that it won't roll away while you are making your pinata.

Your balloon will need 2 layers of newspaper and a final layer of plain paper before decorating and painting, so allow a couple of days to finish the job. Dip the newspaper strips into the glue and layer over the balloon, smoothing flat as you go. Allow up to a day for each layer to dry. Apply a second layer being sure to cover the balloon completely and having your newspaper strips crossing over each other in different directions. Apply the final layer with white paper, which can be torn smaller so as to get a smoother finish. Let your finished piece dry and pop the balloon through the top and remove it.

Once your fabulous pinata has dried a couple of great options for decorating are:

- Paint- If you or you kids are bold, then paint on a favorite character, rainbow, anything that takes you fancy!

- Glitter and sparkles can be stuck on to add some party glamour

- Crepe Paper or tissue paper- Is great for adding a 3 dimensional finish, just like the pinatas that you buy. Tear or cut the various colors into rectangles and glue one end to the piƱata. By doing this all the way around the pinata it ends up with a 'frilly' layered finish.

- Don't forget some streamers to complete your homemade pinata.

Allow it to dry and your pinata is ready for action- just fill with sweets and lollies through the top hole and securely attach some string or elastic with which to hang your pinata.

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