Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Games for Kids
Christmas Games for Kids

The Christmas Games for Kids free Games for Christmas and Online Christmas Games for Kids. These joyful Christmas games are sure to get kids into the holiday spirit. play these free online Christmas games.

Christmas Activity Center
Play Christmas games, get gift ideas, and send e-cards to friends and family at the Christmas Activity Center! Plus, laugh it up with Christmas riddles and solve holiday sudoku puzzles!

Holiday Fun Preschool Activity Center
Play all day at the Holiday Fun Preschool Center! Build a snowman, print a snowflake or play the holiday coloring game - it's a barrel of fun!

Holiday Coloring Pages
In this fun holiday game, use the ink dropper to color in holiday pictures or choose a plain print-out and color them at home.

Evil Elves 2
The Evil Elves have stolen Santa’s Christmas presents and hidden them in their Terrible Toy Shop! Help Santa save Christmas by FINDING ALL of the presents for the good little girls and boys.

Arctic Antics
The penguins are hosting a pool party in the North Pole and everyone is invited. Be careful though, the diving board is a little slippery and you have to help everyone make sure they land in the pool safely.

Evil Elves
Evil elves are trying to sabotage Santa and his trusty reindeer by sneaking presents out of his toy shop. You¹ve got to stop them or there will be no presents for anyone!

Winter Holidays
Enjoy three different word search games with words themed to Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Snowball Toss
Stay warm and dry with Snowball Toss. Kids can identify with this game of wintertime fun. If you get pelted with too many snowballs, you have to go in and warm up. It's a fun game at Christmas.

Snow Fall
Get your baby brother home through the Snow Fall. This is a fun arcade-style game in which kids have to dodge the drifting snowflakes to get baby brother home safe and dry.

Holiday Endurance
It's funny because it's true - Holiday Endurance. It's Christmas Day and your nutty relatives have shown up on your doorstep. They show you the shapes of the gifts they want and you deliver.

Santa's Helper
Santa's Helper is a fun arcade-style Christmas game for kids. Help Santa deliver his gifts on Christmas Eve, but don't get hit by the airplanes.

Snow Flake
Snow Flake is a great kids' game with a cool set of art tools that let you make a beautiful snowflake pattern. Have a bit of mindless fun creating winter eye candy.

Snowball Fight
Defend your snow fort against the other kids in Snowball Fight. This cool arcade adventure is a fun Christmas or wintertime game for kids.

Santa's Helper
Think its easy being Santa? Try to deliver all the holiday toys without being hit by airplanes!

Santa Balls
Many years ago at the North Pole elves created this game of ball swapping and bursting.

Santa Balls 2
In SB2, we've taken the action to a whole new level. Bigger game board, bouncier balls and Oliver the Elf is bolder than ever!

Adventure Elf
Collect all the stolen loot and save Christmas.

Super Santa Ski Jump
Control Santa's speed and style as he jumps to collect the stars!

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