Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Games for Adults

Christmas Games for Adults
Christmas Games for Adults

Especially the party Christmas Games for Adults is much more popular.

1. Can you guess the song?
This game is good to play right after dessert has been served, i.e. when everybody is still seated at the table. A person starts by choosing a word from a random Christmas song. It is now the task of the other participants to sing a Christmas song which contains the word and. Thereby. Guess the song. If nobody can guess the song, you say “I challenge you” and now the challenger must sing the song (to confirm that the word is actually included in the lyrics of the Christmas song). It is not as easy as one might think, and it’s definitely a lot of fun. The party ‘DJ’, for lack of a better term, will play a small snippet of a Christmas carol on the stereo and the rest of the guests have to guess what it was. If used with an office party setting, this game is more fun if the employees are broken up into teams.

2. Do you know your partner?
This game is not particularly a Christmas game, but can be played all year round whenever adults are gathered. It is most appropriate if the party consists of couples. One of the spouses leaves the living room and the rest of the guests ask the remaining spouse questions about his/her partner. It can be specific questions or ethical dilemmas. When questions and answers have been written down, the other spouse re-enters the living room and is now asked exactly the same questions. A point is given for each time he or she gives the same answer as the partner. Each point tells how well you know your partner. A popular game at adult Christmas parties is to guess the person. One player – the guesser – will sit in the middle of the room blindfolded with the hands out. One by one the other players will lay their hands in the guesser’s and see if they can figure out who is who just by the feel of their hands. It is amazing just how different everyone is based on their hands alone.

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