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Christmas Trivia and Games

Christmas Trivia and Games
Christmas Trivia and Games

I am providing the Christmas Trivia and Games information separately.

Christmas Games

- Elf TicTacToe
- Guessing Game
- Roony Says
- Follow Me!
- Mrs. Claus's
- Cookie Pole
- Frosty's Challenge!
- 3-D Tic Tac Toe.
- Boxing with Santa
- Roony's Match Game
- Checkers Game
- Elf Quickness Test
- Santa Puzzle
- North Pole Zodiac
- Trivia Quiz 1: Christmas Facts
- Trivia Quiz 2: "Frosty the Snowman"
- Trivia Quiz 3: "It's a Wonderful Life"
- Trivia Quiz 4: "The Nutcracker"
- Q'wick Q'westion Q'west

Christmas Trivia

Questions - What popular children's cracker today was introduced in 1902 as a Christmas ornament?
Answers - The Barnum’s Animal Cracker and box was introduced by the National Biscuit Company. The box, as it does today, had a string designed so that the box could be hung as a Christmas ornament.

Questions - In 1939 Robert May created this Christmas figure as a Christmas promotion for Montgomery Ward department store in Chicago.
Answers - Rudolph the Red Noised Reindeer.

Questions - In the 1920’s what world wide beverage company adopted the Santa Claus figure for a winter advertising promotion?
Answers - The Coca-Cola company used Santa Claus to promote the idea that a soft drink was a winter beverage as well as a summer beverage.

Questions - Who was the United States first ambassador to Mexico?
Answers - Joel Poinsett the developer of the popular Christmas Poinesttia flower.

Questions - What popular Christmas candy today had its debute and was given out by a choirmaster in 1670 to quiet the noisy children?
Answers - The candy cane.

Questions - What best selling Christmas song did Gene Autry record in 1951?
Answers - Frosty the Snowman.

Questions - What American President barred the Christmas Tree from being displayed in the White House?
Answers - The environmentalist President Teddy Roosevelt.

Questions - What years was the first machine printed Christmas Card offered in a United States Variety Store?
Answers - In the1850s Pease’s Great Varity Store in Albany sold the first machine printed Christmas cards.

Questions - In what year did Coke-Cola hire Haddon Sundblom to illustrate Santa Claus dressed in the red Santa Claus suit and Santa Claus hat trimmed in white fur that helped standardize the image of the gift-bringer in the eyes of America?
Answers - Haddon Sunblom was hired to illustrate Santa Claus in 1931 and drew Santa Claus illustrations tell 1964.

Questions - The politicians, women’s groups, and seniors’ organizations protested this Christmas song written in 1979 and popularized by Elmo and Patsy.
Answers - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Questions - “Crying up the lum “ is how some Scottish children tell Santa Claus their Christmas gift wishes. What is “crying up the lum “?
Answers - They simply stick their heads up the chimney and shout out their Christmas desires.

Questions - The Nutcracker phenomenon started as a story by E.T.A. Hoffmann in what year?
Answers - The nutcracker began in1816.

Questions - To determine who opens the first Christmas gift. What kind of glass Christmas ornament has to be found first on the Christmas tree?
Answers - The Glass pickle ornament.

Questions - What are the names of Santa Clauses eight reindeer as named in Clement Moore’s poem “The Night Before Christmas”?
Answers - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen. Note that Rudolph made his first appearance later in 1939.

Questions - American’s concern over the separation of church and state resulted in a number of court challenges. What was the “ruling name” of the United States Supreme Court decision?
Answers - The “Reindeer Rule” decided that the presence of secular elements such as Santa Claus, elves, and the reindeer had diluted the religious content sufficiently.

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